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Yale Cordage


77 Industrial Park Road

Saco, ME 04072
Phone: (207) 282-3396
Fax: (207) 282-4620

Plaited and Single Braided structures to include 8, &12-strand up to 5” dia (15” cir) and 1MM Lb., Double & Triple Braids to 3½” dia, Parallel bonded core Braids to 2½” dia. Fortis² Lifting Slings to 1M Lb capacity. Loup® Slings & Grommets to 1M Lbs capacity. Electro/optical/mechanical cables. Cable Grips (Yalegrips™ and ZipGrips®) to 600mm diameters and 80 Te capacities. Linear drag drogue and Strum suppression cable structures. Yale specializes in custom designed textile solutions that are application specific. Yale Grip cable stoppers, slings, ZipGrip™, pipe & umbilical grips Sizes: Cords: .015 to .187 dia. Ropes: 3/16” through 3 1/2" dia. Fibers: Same as for rope. UHMWPE's (Spectra & Dyneema), LCP's (Vectran), Aramids (Kevlar, Technora), PBO (Zylon), Polyesters, Nylons, Polypropylenes, Polyethylene, Copolymers, Monofilaments, & fiber blends. Services: Fabrication. Eye splicing, hardware installation, splicer certification, extrusion jackets, electrical terminations, coatings, prepackaged dock, and anchor lines. Testing: Horizontal Test Bed 2 Independent hydraulic rams. Both with 15’ Extension Variable test speeds up to 24”/min 1,3M Pounds (600Te) load capability on ram 1 and 250,000 pounds on ram 2 Sample length 2’ to 100’ Inside frame width 51”. Accuracy to ISO 7500-1:2004 Class 1. ASTM E4 Full test capabilities to include destructive testing through the full load range, cyclic testing in accordance with ISO and Cordage Institute standards. Thousand Cycle Load Level test capability. Custom test plans can be accommodated. Wet or Dry test capability Elongation Measurement system Fully Computer controlled with various output of results Video observation of test specimen. Capabilities: Full rigging services, including cutting, splicing, fabrication with specialty hardware, and coatings. Production of specialized Electromechanical cables. Design and production of new products to user’s needs.